This is my new camera.

Taken with my old camera. This one will make a way bigger splash if I drop it like the other!


More stuff

Somebody STOP HIM!






My mini-gallery

Our first snow.





Some moving water.





M-R ducks & trout....Dinner above, and below the water. :)







Painting with light. (Done with a flashlight in complete darkness.)





Received 12" of snow last night.

Not hard to look at once the snow has been shoveled.




Here are some photos from the Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio







Morning views (I'm off this week) off our deck.






Our dog "Marty"



A nearby barn


And mill.




Not crazy about the earings.




In Gettysburg.







A few from the "Cabin Fever" model engineering show

I have opened a dedicated photo library at:

You can see many more photos there.


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