Buddy needs a house and the weather is changing.

Cats taste just like chicken!


Got to have a plan.


Then some of the needed materials.






There is a good chance I will wear this saw out cutting the needed slots made up of a b'zillion individual cuts.









Looks like a juke box.



Starting a little smoke build up...... Cough.



Cough....Choke.....Hack...Rooms full of smoke but the needed slots are done. Time to let the saw cool down.



First of the outside frames.



Both main frames done.



Now to start the floor.







And, the start of the wall frames







Before I build (another) ship in a bottle, I better get this outside to continue.





Continued progress.







Glammer shot.





More materials. I am now on a first name basis with several Lowe's employees.



Some of the wall panels cut and urethaned.







Also urethaned the frames.


It got chilly so I'm now inside the garage to continue the build.







All four sides are to open in warmer weather.



The sides are covered with tar paper. Also seeing how the thatch will look.



Next comes the cedar shake shingles.





The lower walls are next skinned in bamboo and the sills are nailed in place. It is starting to look like something now.



The peaked roof is removable in one piece. Ask Donna! Here I have stained the main legs and painted most of the cedar shakes.



The sills are all in place. And the last of the painting and some of the bamboo is yet to go on.



The roof is back on and thatched. Next to the inside.



The underside of the floor has four inches of insulation and all of the inside will get an inch and a half of insulation.



Now the inside wood skin is installed. Ceiling is also insulated. This thing should act as either an oven or a refrigerator.



Drum roll please. It's time for the rollout.


Panels open.



Panels closed.






Buddy wanted the porch light.



That's about it. Buddy likes it.....................


I think it needs a deck...............


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