One cannot build a destroyer of this magnitude without some room to fabricate and make a general mess of things. Here are a couple photos of my shop where I am building the O'Bannon. My shop is rather small, but it works. This house was built in the early 60's when the cold war was very much on people's minds. This room was built as a bomb shelter. It seems to be a good place to build the O'Bannon. So here is a quick walk around my shop.

The model will be It's sort of BIG at 1:48th scale! 376' of ship equating to just over 8' of model.






Hmmm............Bombs and Bud Light. What a mix.






I just got the computers off the table out of the way. This will give me a little more room to build sub assemblies.






My milling machine and lathe. They will get some use during this project.






A band saw and a stack of Sintra as well as a nearly depleted array of brass






Some storage on the back of the build table






Some books of my WWII air and naval interests as well as some additional storage. LOL. Note the "Sub-Logic" (better known today as Flight Simulator) binder. That goes back a few years.






My heads. and some of my B-17's






Whoa!! Look what just showed up at the door today, like a lost puppy. I think I'll keep it.






A new vacuum to keep things tidy.





Okay, the bomb and the Bud-Light have been replaced by a roll out table to contain the table saw, the band saw, the belt sander, and the compressor. When I need the band saw or the belt sander, I just place them on the table top for use. They store nicely out of the way when not needed.




Still no hull, so I thought I'd decorate the outline of it for Christmas.







The USS O'Bannon (DD450)
1. Home
3A. Shop
3B. Hull
3C. Drive line
3D. Motors
3E. Electrical
3F. R/C install
3G. Features
3H. Main Deck
3I. Superstructure
3J. 5" Guns
3K. Gun Director
3L. Mast